By applying innovation to real-world gas and fluid flow problems, Oxford Flow is able to save you money without sacrificing performance. Every device is the result of intensive testing and customer feedback. Our solutions aren’t just theoretical - they are proven in the harshest of conditions to work time after time.


We have grown from our roots in Oxford University with investment from Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI) to create a winning combination of the very best of academia and industry.

Inspiration came to Professor Povey during research into jet turbines. Increasingly frustrated that market-leading pressure regulators couldn’t meet the needs of his R&D, he decided to design his own. The resulting technology set new benchmarks for performance and sustainability.


Oxford Flow believes that elegantly engineered solutions that simplify systems to remove complexity, reduce cost and increase reliability are needed in many global industries.

We work with leading companies to understand their problems. Innovation that delivers easily quantifiable benefits including efficiency, reliability and performance is our main purpose. Quality is our focus; we design and manufacture to the highest of standards.


Our unparalleled access to the world class R&D facilities and laboratories is complimented with a continuous flow of impressive talent.

An agile and adaptable team, we’re able to harness knowledge from one industry and apply it successfully to many sectors. This forward-thinking approach to technology transfer ensures we’re always at the cutting-edge, providing innovative solutions for all environments.

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We work closely with you to meet the demands of your customers and partners across some of the world’s most challenging industries.

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