Inspiration, people & integrity. We produce game changing valve technology that is revolutionising Industry and contributing to a cleaner and safer world for everyone. 

Award winning people

Our award winning people drive our company forward, from delivering cutting edge products to end users to designing the latest valve technology supporting the Energy transition. Headquartered in Oxford we employ a multi-disciniplary team that incorporates world class engineering with commercial experience globally.

World class research and talent

R&D is in the DNA of Oxford Flow, we leverage our history and proximity to world class research and talent to continually improve our products & services to solve real world problems. With over 57 patents across various product lines, innovation is fundemental to our business. 

Prioritising safety

Safety by design, our products are engineered with reliability and robustness in mind, offering advantages such as enhanced safety, durability, and compactness. We prioritise safety in all our endeavours – from conceptualisation and manufacturing to installation and commissioning.

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