Oxford Flow Story

Oxford Flow was established in 2015 as a spin-out from The University of Oxford.

Our original innovation – a pressure regulator – was developed by Professor Thomas Povey at the Oxford Thermofluids Institute, part of the University of Oxford, to aide his jet engine research.

Increasingly frustrated that market leading regulators couldn’t provide the precise control he required, he went about designing his own.

The product range was then expanded to encompass a diverse array of markets and applications, resulting in a fully commercial operation with products deployed around the world

Innovation is our Ethos

Originating from the University of Oxford, we have evolved into a global company with decades of experience in valve design and manufacturing offering solutions in the energy and industrial sectors. We harness innovation to tackle challenges, all while maintaining our dedication to superior safety and outstanding results

Innovative Solutions

nnovation is key to our operationss. Our team of expert engineers and academics drive the development of new products, solutions, and methodologies. Continuous improvement is ingrained in our approach. We foster creativity within our team, encouraging them to think expansively so that their imaginations can fuel our innovation and deliver results for our clients.

Safety by Design

Safety is fundamental to our valve designs. Our valves are engineered with reliability and robustness in mind, offering advantages such as enhanced safety, durability, and compactness. We prioritise safety in all our endeavours – from conceptualisation and manufacturing to installation and commissioning.

Consistent Performance

Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that our products perform consistently. We maintain the highest standards throughout the design, manufacture, delivery, installation, and commissioning processes of our valves. By leveraging insights gained across various industries, we can transfer technologies and concepts to develop new solutions that surpass conventional technologies in reliability, cost-effectiveness, and performance.

Our history

From our roots in Oxford University, our core innovation has evolved for new markets and applications as our business has expanded globally. Check out our journey so far.

May 2015

Oxford Flow’s inception

Oxford Flow is incorporated, being spun out of Oxford University’s Department of Engineering Science.

July 2016

First IP field trial

First installation of the IP valve in South West Water’s live distribution network.

November 2016

Scotia Gas Networks (SGN) development agreement

Agreement signed with SGN to develop the IM valve as a network innovation allowance project.

March 2017

Osney Mead office

Oxford Flow moves into office on Osney Mead, Oxford.

June 2017

Neil Poxon joins

Industry stalwart, Neil Poxon joins Oxford Flow as CEO to drive the business’ growth and diversification.

October 2017

First IP valve installed in UAE

First IP valve installed in a water distribution network in the Middle East.

November 2017

SMART valve

Grant received for development of self-powered SMART technology.

March 2018

Capital raise

Concluded £6.1m capital raise.

May 2018

First IP valve in the US

The IP valve was installed for the first time in the US utilising the pressure sustaining pilot configuration.

August 2018

First bulk IP order

Received our first bulk order of IP valves for installation in a municipality in Mexico.

February 2019

First installation of IM valve

First hydrocarbon gas installation of IM valves in SGN networks.

June 2019

SMART valve deployment

Deployment of the SMART water valve with Middle East utility.

August 2019

Major oil and gas operator support

Three oil and gas majors sign up for the ES oil and gas valve testing.

August 2019

IM valve launch

The IM valve is launched to the UK and European gas distribution market.

September 2019

UK office expansion

UK headquarters expand as Oxford Flow positions itself for growth.

December 2019

ES valve shortlisted for OAAs

The ES valve achieved highly commendable in the Emerging Technology category at the SPE Offshore Achievement Awards.

February 2020

IM valve approved

IM valve is approved by SGN for use in UK gas distribution networks.

March 2020

Georg Fischer strategic investment

Georg Fischer makes an initial investment into Oxford Flow’s water and industrials business to access new technology in support of GF’s innovation strategy.

June 2020

Capital raise

Oxford Flow raises £9.1m to grow its oil and gas and water businesses.

May 2022

Winner of the ASME Best Mechanical Engineering Award

At OTC 2022 event Oxford Flow win the Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Innovation Award for the ES Series Actuated Valve.

October 2022

KOSO Kent Introl (KKI) become strategic partners

KOSO Kent Introl (KKI), part of Nihon Koso group, enter into a strategic global partnership. The relationship combines Oxford Flow’s innovative valve technology with KKI’s unrivalled industry knowledge and valve heritage.

October 2023

Oxford Flow become ADNOC finalists

Oxford Flow is named as 1 of 10 finalists from 650 applicants from 50 countries by the ADNOC Group Decarbonization Technology Challenge for producing control and isolation valves that eliminate fugitive emissions.

December 2023

ADNOC judges award Oxford Flow a commendation at COP28 UAE

Oxford Flow are awarded a commendation by the judges of the ADNOC Group Decarbonization Technology Challenge at COP28 UAE for the ES Stemless Valves.

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