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BVAA Annual Meeting & Gala Ball 2022

Meet Oxford Flow at the BVAA Annual Meeting & Gala Ball on Friday 18th November 2022 and discuss the latest developments in the valve industry.

BVAA Annual Meeting & Gala Ball 2022

Oxford Flow executive team are going to be exhibiting at the BVAA Annual Meeting & Gala Ball which takes place on Friday 18th November 2022 in Carden Park, Cheshire, UK. The Annual Meetings will include a series of industry related presentations followed by the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

Oxford Flow exhibition & meetings

Whilst the event is for members of the BVAA association and their guests, the gathering of people working in the valve sector will provide a great opportunity to network and discuss the latest trends in the market.

Oxford Flow will have a small team attending the event and there will be a desktop exhibition to showcase some of the company’s new technology.

Earlier in the year, Oxford Flow won the prestigious engineering award at OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) for the ES Actuated valve. The Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award was presented by ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers). This valve is being much talked about and epitomises Oxford Flow appetite for reimagining valve technology.

The launch of the IM-S gas regulator has also raised a lot of interest. This low maintenance gas valve is hydrogen ready and brings substantial cost benefits via the piston operation as opposed to diaphragm usage.  

Other valves like the IM-C – top entry gas regulator and IP-X – flanged liquid regulator are also bringing lots of valve industry attention, as well as the IP-K which adds the element of portability in valve usage.

Please contact Oxford Flow if you would like to discuss your requirements and challenges with us. We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information about the BVAA Annual Meeting & Gala Ball, please visit the BVAA website.

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