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SPE Offshore Europe

Oxford Flow (branded as IntroFlo) are going to be exhibiting at SPE Offshore Europe, booth 1K60, Hall 1. See demos of the world leading zero emission valves, set to revolutionise the valve sector as well as independently Hydrogen verified regulators which will help enable the energy transition.

Attending SPE Offshore Europe 2023

This year is the 50th anniversary of SPE Offshore Europe. It will take place on 5th to 8th September 2023, in Aberdeen, Scotland and Oxford Flow will be exhibiting on booth 1K60, hall 1.

The event, backed by The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), provides a platform for those in the oil and gas industry and wider energy sectors, to discuss technical solutions that can help accelerate the transition to a better energy future.

SPE Offshore Europe will be of interest to those looking at energy security and innovative technology to reduce costs, optimise performance and improve environmental impact. With a focus on energy transition, the event will shine light on opportunities and the challenges to overcome, to achieve a sustainable energy future.

Oxford Flow booth 1K60

Oxford Flow will be exhibiting on booth 1K60, which is located near the middle of Hall 1. Our valve experts will be there to assist, including Faris Churcher (Oxford Flow’s Business Lead – Gas & Energy Transition), and Matthew Lackie (Business Lead – Utility Gas Eastern Hemisphere). They will be able to showcase some of our innovative flow technology and liquid and gas regulators.

Hydrogen ready regulators & zero emission technology

Oxford Flow understand the importance of energy transition, and this is reflected in our valve technology. On the booth you will be able to see valves that almost entirely eradicate fugitive emissions and those that have been independently approved for hydrogen usage.

Customers find Oxford Flow valves are highly reliable, dramatically reduce maintenance and due to their compactness and low weight are ideally suited for new and retrofit applications.              

The award winning ES stemless actuated valves have gained much attention in the last year, following Oxford Flow wining the ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers), Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award in 2022. This valve offers zero emissions and expected to bring radical changes to the offshore sector as well as other refinery and processing industries.

Another product expected to be of exceptional interest is the IM-S. This is an independently hydrogen verified regulator and for its type, is one of the smallest regulators on the market. Other gas products like the IM-C which is a regulator with cartridge insert, is also likely to be of interest. In the IP liquid regulator series, visitors to the stand will be able to talk about the IP-X flanged liquid regulator and the IP-K which is a highly practical portable liquid regulator.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss valves further for your intended purpose.

For more information about the event please visit SPE Offshore Europe.

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