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UK Green Gas Day 2023

Visit IntroFlo branded booth at UK Green Gas Day. Oxford Flow and partners Koso Kent Introl will be sharing the stand and ready to discuss valves suited for for gas distribution, gas transmission, & transitioning energy systems, including hydrogen & biomethane applications.

UK Green Gas Day 2023

Green Gas Day is the largest industry gathering in the UK focused on green gases, including hydrogen. Using the IntroFlo partnership branding Oxford Flow and Koso Kent Introl will be exhibiting and demoing products at the event. The green gas conference takes place on 11th October 2023 in the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull, UK.

Green Gas Day will reflect on policy developments to support green gases such as biomethane and clean hydrogen, together with latest changes that will impact the green gas market.

The exhibition will highlight the latest technical developments and showcase the industry’s latest innovation on green gas production, connection to the grid, blending, process optimisation, adding value and green gas trading.

IntroFlo at Green Gas Day

Oxford Flow manufacturer a range of hydrogen ready gas valves and regulators ideally suited for gas distribution and gas transmission, power generation, process industries as well as transitioning energy systems, including hydrogen and biomethane applications.

The team will have cutaways of both our stemless zero emission actuated valves and market leading hydrogen regulator allowing you to see the simplicity in how they work. The team will also be able to discuss our other innovative valve technology and regulators including those for liquid applications.

Technology to eliminate emissions

You may have read recent news success about the success of the IM-S gas regulator and why SGN partners with Oxford Flow to verify hydrogen-ready gas networks. The IM-S wafer type gas regulator has been independently tested and externally verified for use with up to 100% hydrogen and hydrogen blends and setting the lead in this area.

The ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) ES award winning valves have no stem and have no mechanical drive train and are also expected to draw a lot of attention. It is very different to other valves on the market and offers zero emissions.

Please contact Oxford Flow if you would like to discuss hydrogen valves or find out about valves leading the race for low emissions.

For more information visit UK Green Gas Day 

Visit the Oxford Flow event calendar to find about other places we are exhibiting. You may also be interested in our emissions webinars,