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Oxford Flow Webinar 1

Oxford Flow are running a series of webinars in 2023. In this webinar problems the gas distribution & transmission market are experiencing will be discussed and offer possible solutions.

30th March 2023 – 11:00 UK Time [1 Hour] ONLINE

This webinar has now concluded and the video is available on the Oxford Flow Youtube channel.

In the 1st webinar of the Oxford Flow webinar series, Faris Churcher (Oxford Flow’s Principal Applications Engineer) will take a broad look at the current situation of the gas industry, focusing on challenges faced by the gas distribution and transmission sector and product solutions. An open question and answer section will follow at the end of the presentation.

For many years, the gas sector has experienced a relatively limited level of innovation and older designs are struggling to keep up with modern era challenges. Gas networks are faced with the need to continually expand to meet the energy consumption from growing populations and ever-increasing energy demands from industrial activity. However, new installations and the proximity of residential areas to high pressure gas networks bring their own set of challenges. They must also contend with pressures from the energy crisis, world conflicts, environmental concerns, the transition away from fossil fuels and need to meet net zero targets. How can gas networks respond effectively?

The webinar will be of particular interest to gas supply network managers, gas operation managers, energy innovation professionals, and others who work in the gas industry.

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