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Oxford Flow Webinar 2

In this second Oxford Flow webinar we discuss the environmental and societal challenges faced by the gas industry, covering fugitive emissions, the use of hydrogen and energy transition.

29th June 2023 – 15:00 UK Time [1 Hour] ONLINE

Cutting emissions is vital for the next generation gas business. In this Oxford Flow webinar, Faris Churcher (Oxford Flow’s Principal Applications Engineer) will explore the environmental and societal challenges faced by the gas industry. Topics will include fugitive emissions, the use of hydrogen and energy transition and effective technological solutions. An open question and answer section will follow at the end of the presentation.

Successful gas businesses ensure their systems are future proofed, resilient, safe and able to provide a security of supply. However, the quest for more environmentally friendly energy is causing disruption to the gas sector. We all know leaking natural gas into atmosphere is harmful. Leak path analysis reveals valves and regulators are the main source of emissions. The webinar will explore current attitudes toward curbing emissions and what processing industries, refineries and gas networks are doing about it, and the technology available to remedy the situation? With the transition away from fossil fuels and replacement with hydrogen, what does energy transition mean for the producer, transporters, and consumers?

Managers and energy innovation professionals who work in the gas sector will find this webinar of interest, ranging from those who produce it, process it, transport it and consume it. It will also be of relevance to managers working in processing industries, refineries, and gas networks. A link to access the webinar will be sent by email, in the week preceding the webinar.

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