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Oxford Flow launch a new gas regulator size calculator and liquid regulator size calculator


13 February 2023

Michael Barough

Liquid regulator size calculator

Oxford Flow have launched new sizing calculators for their range of gas and liquid regulators on their website.  These webpages will help web visitors more easily find appropriate regulator products and work out common sizing options, for their specific application.

Gas regulator size calculator

Liquid regulator size calculator

Whilst the calculators are not meant to take away the benefits from speaking directly with the Oxford Flow valve experts, it will help valve customers’ streamline their selection process and quickly establish recommended regulator sizes. Both calculators are free to use.

The gas calculator enables valve customers to calculate recommended gas regulator sizes from the Oxford Flow IM gas series. More specifically, it will help customers determine appropriate sizing for the IM-S wafer gas regulator, IM-C top-entry gas regulator and IH-F gas regulators. Similarly, the liquid calculator provides the ability to calculate recommended liquid regulator sizes from the Oxford Flow IP liquid series, which include the IP, as well as the flanged IP-X and IP-K portable regulators

The displayed product sizing tables dynamically adjust based on the valve enquirer’s chosen inputs providing advice on suitability with caution warnings, if outside of optimal range. Inputs can also be adjusted to reflect customers preferred unit metric. The gas calculator enables regulator sizes for various gases to be established including hydrogen, methane, and air. The calculator for liquids also includes a cavitation graph to help visualisation of safe operating regions and indicate where noise or damage would be expected.

Both the calculator pages provide links to download the recommended regulator product bulletin. These will provide further information on each product indicating benefits and features, applications, more detailed performance and sizing information, key dimensions, and construction material details.

Faris Churcher (Oxford Flow’s Principal Applications Engineer) said, “The calculator webpages will help customers appreciate the wide range of regulator sizes available in our IM and IP series. It will also support our interaction with them prior to more detailed conversation we can have during consultations.”

Oxford Flow manufactures various other products, including the ES Control Valve. Products like this can be tailored to meet customer bespoke requirements and so it is recommended to speak to the Oxford Flow team directly or book a consultation. They will be able to discuss product suitability and may be able to offer different size options, material construction and alternative product configurations.