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Cyclonic Filter


The Oxford Flow Cyclonic Filter is a high performance, in-line filtration device for gas applications. Available in flanged configuration for Dn100 / 4” pipework. The Oxford Flow Cyclonic Filter removes up to 99.5% of solid particles with little pressure drop. Perfect for both dirty, heavily loaded applications or for applications requiring reduced maintenance. Particles are captured in a large collection bin capable of storing up to 5 kg / 11 lb of material. The pressure drop across the Cyclonic Filter is three times less than an equivalent clean 50 um / 0.002” strainer. Unlike a strainer, the pressure drop across the Cyclonic Filter remains constant as particles are captured. Units are designed for working pressures up to 69 barg / 1000 psig. Designed for ease of use, manual handling, and reduced maintenance.

Value proposition
Feature:High separation efficiency for small particles at low differential pressures.
Benefit:Replaces high maintenance basket type strainers.
Value proposition:Reduced operational costs from site visits.
Feature:5 kg / 11 lb collection bin capacity, designed for manual handling and tool-less entry.
Benefit:Faster and less frequent bin emptying.
Value proposition:OPEX savings on site visits and maintenance.
Feature:Pressure drop 3 times less than a clean 50 um / 0.002” strainer.
Benefit:Greater installation flexibility and ease of system design.
Value proposition:Lower performance impact for better system compatibility.

Case studies

Oxford Flow lightens the load for Veolia

A long-sought-after lightweight, precision controlled solution that increases efficiency without compromising on quality. How Oxford Flow delivered a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to heavy and expensive traditional systems.

Case studies

Helping calm Northumbrian waters

Oxford Flow had to provide a valve that managed water pressure effectively during peak and low periods to help manage leakage and provide a reliable service.

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