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ES stemless actuated valves


The ES stemless actuated valves offer world class performance, reliability and emissions control for a wide range of severe service applications in oil and gas, petrochemical and process industries. The ES stemless actuated valves can also be used for transitioning energy systems, including hydrogen and biomethane applications. The ES provides zero-leakage isolation in a variety of materials and configurations from 2” to 12” (DN50 to DN300) and in pressures classes to ASME 1500.


The ES stemless actuated axial flow valves have fundamentally transformed valve performance.

Because the ES stemless actuated valves do not have an external stem, there is no possibility of fugitive emissions through stem packing leaks. Further, because it does not have a mechanical drive train, it is not subject to stresses and side loading that cause poor performance and premature mechanical failure in other valve types.

With its pressure-balanced trim, the ES can be operated by a compact Electrohydraulic Power Pack (EHP) , significantly reducing the size and weight of the valve package.

The valve internals are also designed to provide very high flow rates while minimising turbulence. This reduces erosion on sealing surfaces and allows the ES to provide long-term zero leakage in a variety of severe applications.

Value proposition
FeatureDesigned to operate at restricted flow and high differential pressure.
BenefitES withstands high velocities with no cavitation while maintaining tight shutoff.
Value propositionES will reduce process downtime caused by valve failure.
FeatureDoes not have an external stem—a primary source of emissions.
BenefitThe ES does not require stem packing and maintenance to meet emissions requirements.
Value propositionES eliminates stem emissions, reducing OPEX related to valve packing.
FeatureUtilises an Electrohydraulic Power Pack (EHP) , rather than a conventional actuator.
BenefitThe Electrohydraulic Power Pack is compact, efficient in transmitting force, and only requires 24VDC power and a control signal.
Value propositionThe Electrohydraulic Power Pack reduces valve package size and weight by 50% and reduces installation cost by 30%.
Valve variations

The ES stemless actuated axial flow valves are available in 2” through 12” (DN 50 to 300), in ANSI classes 150, 300, 600, 900 and 1500, in a variety of cast or forged materials, and in weld-end and flanged configurations.