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IM series gas regulators


The Oxford Flow series of IM pilot-controlled gas regulators improves pressure control performance and reliability while reducing costs in gas transmission and distribution, biogas, power generation, industrial gas and other gas sectors. Our regulators offer leading emissions reduction and are ideal for emerging, low carbon fuels such as biogas, biomethane, hydrogen and renewable energy applications.


Oxford Flow IM gas regulators are accurate to within +/- 1% of set point and class leading response times compared to conventional regulators. This enables customers to maintain excellent pressure control and stability in their process. 

The compact IM100 regulator is up to 80% lighter than some conventional, pilot-operated diaphragm regulators, eliminating the need for expensive lifting equipment during installation and maintenance. In conventional regulators, the diaphragm is the most common failure point.

By eliminating the diaphragm, Oxford Flow has reduced the risk of regulator fatigue and failure. With a single moving part, the IM regulator minimises potential failures and the risk of unplanned maintenance – maximising efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Value proposition
Feature:Does not require a diaphragm – the leading cause of instability in regulators.
Benefit:Because the piston and pilot are primary sensors, it is inherently more stable and responsive at a wider range of flowrates.
Value proposition:Because the IM can be used across a wider range of flows, utilities can optimise piping, save money and provide more stable gas delivery to end-users.
Feature:Does not utilise an external stem — a primary source of methane emissions.
Benefit:Does not require stem packing and frequent maintenance to meet emissions requirements.
Value proposition:Eliminates a frequent source of emissions, and reduces maintenance OPEX.
Feature:Minimal internal components and a single moving part, compared to conventional regulators.
Benefit:This reduces mechanical wear and simplifies maintenance.
Value proposition:Reduced mechanical wear increases operating life, and fewer parts means less downtime for and lower cost of repairs. 
Regulator variations

IM-S wafer type gas regulator

  • The IM-S is a wafer body that can be installed between DIN or ANSI flange 

IM-C top-entry gas regulator

  • The IM-C is available either as a flanged top-entry regulator utilising our standard IM internals.

IM-F axial flanged gas regulator

  • The IM-F offers the accuracy, performance, and reliability of our IM design in an axial, flanged body.