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A stand-alone power generator for gas networks with no moving parts. Based on NASA power harvesting technology, the PowerSub can be used to generate power at pressure reduction locations in gas piping systems. The generated power is used to measure the upstream and downstream gas pressure and temperature at a rate of one sample every second and transfer the processed data in six-minute intervals through GSM communications. Additional power is available for control. The PowerSub has been designed for pressure reducing installations in the UK natural gas networks, to address an industry driven desire for more network data in ATEX rated zones. The standard telemetry uses approximately 20% of the total power produced leaving 80% of the power available for additional control and telemetry.

Value proposition
Feature:No moving parts.
Benefit:Minimal failure modes compared to traditional designs.
Value proposition:Significantly reduced maintenance and operational costs.
Feature:Remote data transfer every six minutes; near real-time monitoring.
Benefit:Accurate, up to-date feedback on system parameters.
Value proposition:Detect issues before they occur and minimise downtime.
Feature:Up to 350mW of average power provision available.
Benefit:Significant power levels available for additional telemetry.
Value proposition:Low cost future expansion of system monitoring.