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High performance, small footprint noise reduction system, for natural gas pipelines. The Oxford Flow in-line silencer is a compact, high performance noise reduction system for natural gas pipelines. It utilises multiple noise attenuation technologies to significantly reduce unwanted noise emissions from pressure regulators and control valves. The silencer is intended to fit directly downstream of a pressure regulator or control valve and replaces the existing concentric expansion pipework. The body is fabricated from standard pipe sections with specified standard pattern flanges. The noise reduction insert is fabricated from corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel, ensuring a long maintenance-free service life. The silencer uses innovative noise attenuation techniques to reduce the length and overall weight whilst retaining a small installation footprint. The unique layout and packaging ensure negligible back pressure within the pipeline.

Value proposition
Feature:Multiple noise attenuation technologies in a compact package to significantly reduce noise emissions from pressure regulators.
Benefit:Up to 15 db(A) reduction in noise from standard pressure and flow control stations.
Value proposition:Reduction in fatigue, wear and health and safety costs associated with noisy equipment.
Feature:Retrofittable in standard pipe dimensions as a passive silencer.
Benefit:Noise reduction from the source reduces the need for expensive enclosures and acoustic cladding.
Value proposition:Cost reduction in enclosure build, while remaining below recommended noise limits.
Feature:Designed to be fitted and forgotten about.
Benefit:Once installed, the silencer never has to be serviced, while still reducing noise.
Value proposition:Quiet operation of a control valve and regulator with no added maintenance.

Case studies

Oxford Flow lightens the load for Veolia

A long-sought-after lightweight, precision controlled solution that increases efficiency without compromising on quality. How Oxford Flow delivered a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to heavy and expensive traditional systems.

Case studies

Helping calm Northumbrian waters

Oxford Flow had to provide a valve that managed water pressure effectively during peak and low periods to help manage leakage and provide a reliable service.

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