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Water Turbine Generator

  • Stand alone Power Generation; No Power Line, No Solar Panel
  • Constant Voltage Output; Connect Directly to Battery Back-Up
  • Robust Design; Based on Proven Vertical Turbine Technology
  • Lightweight; minimise installation costs
Value proposition
Feature:Power generated locally.
Benefit:No need for power infrastructure leading to the installation.
Value proposition:Minimises installation costs, minimises ongoing maintenance costs, installation viable in remote locations.
Feature:Installed in pipework – located in the valve/electronics chamber.
Benefit:By installing next to valves and instrumentation, connecting cables can be kept short and locked within the same chamber.
Value proposition:Reduces potential down time, simplifies installation location requirements.
Feature:Flow based power generation.
Benefit:Repeatable daily flow profiles allow sizing on typical day, instead of yearly variations.
Value proposition:Sizing based on repeatable day profiles allows minimal sizing of batteries; reducing installation costs.
Feature:Variable Helical Turbine Design.
Benefit:Robust, open turbine design suitable for variable low flow conditions and power output requirements.
Value proposition:Reduces maintenance interval compared with more constricted turbine geometries, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Case studies

Oxford Flow lightens the load for Veolia

A long-sought-after lightweight, precision controlled solution that increases efficiency without compromising on quality. How Oxford Flow delivered a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to heavy and expensive traditional systems.

Case studies

Helping calm Northumbrian waters

Oxford Flow had to provide a valve that managed water pressure effectively during peak and low periods to help manage leakage and provide a reliable service.

Case studies

Solving Monterrey’s tank challenge

Oxford Flow deployed its’ Inline Polymer (IP) Series valve to solve a tank level control problem for Monterrey’s Water Supply and Sewerage Company (SADM) in Mexico

Case studies

Enabling pressure control in Monterrey

Oxford Flow has enabled a leading Mexican water utility to pressure manage challenging areas of their network for the very first time.