Liquid Regulators

IP series

The Oxford Flow IP-X is a unique, patented range of pilot-controlled axial flow pressure regulators developed specifically for liquid applications in a range of configurations, including pressure reducing, sustaining, sustaining/relief and tank level control.
The Intelligent Water Valve offers all the benefits of the IP valve technology with integrated sensor technology for fully autonomous, intelligent pressure and flow control.
The IP water pressure control valves marked a world first – a 100% polymer valve body for water pressure control. WRAS and NSF certified, the IP is smaller and lighter than alternatives and offers outstanding performance and reliability for use with potable water and process fluids.
The IP-W Series pressure regulator range offers excellent pressure control for liquid distribution and transmission applications.
Complete with integrated handles, feet and quick-fit connections the Oxford Flow range of IP-K pressure reducing valves (PRVs) are ideal for mobile hydrant service.