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Refining and petrochemical

In the complex petrochemical and process industries, reliable isolation and control are key to safety and profitability. Whether isolating a critical piece of equipment, or accurately controlling a batch process, operators rely on engineered valves to provide a high level of reliability and adaptability.

Unfortunately, due to aging designs and lack of innovation, most valves are part of the problem, rather than the solution.

Our valve technology offers superior safety, performance and reliability while being inherently emission-free.



ES valve

The ES axial flow valve offers world class performance, reliability and emissions control for a wide range of severe service applications in oil and gas, petrochemical and process industries. The ES provides zero-leakage isolation in a variety of materials and configurations from 2” to 12” (DN50 to DN300) and in pressures classes to ANSI 1500.

IM-S wafer type gas regulator

The Oxford Flow range of IM pilot-controlled gas regulators improves pressure control performance and reliability while reducing costs in gas distribution, power generation, industrial gas and oil and gas sectors.

IHF series

The IHF gas regulator offers an even higher level of stability, accuracy, and performance in a wide range of applications in transmission pipelines, process facilities and power generation.

IP valve

The rugged lightweight design of Oxford Flow’s IP Series PRV offers easy adjustment of set pressure along with an innovative speed of response control, making set up and delivery of carefully controlled pressure and flow exactly to customer specifications a much quicker and efficient process.