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Eliminating Emissions

The ES Series Axial Flow Valve has a unique stem-free design which eliminates the most common source of fugitive emissions in actuated valves. Certified to ISO 15848-1, the ES Series has trace leakage levels up to 1000x lower than other manufacturers. By utilising a minimal number of moving components the ES acheives exceptional reliability, and therefore lower maintenance, which further reduces emissions whilst also lowering costs for operators.

Adopting Hydrogen

The IM Series gas regulator is uniquely designed in hydrogen compatible SS316. Transitioning the UK gas distribution network to hydrogen is a key solution to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and Oxford Flow is proud to be involved with technical input on the IGEM/TD/13 hydrogen specifications. Developed in conjunction with one of the largest operators in the UK, the IM series is engineered to handle the demands of the energy networks of the future by improving performance and reducing emissions.

Preventing Leakage

The Oxford Flow IP series is a critical tool in the fight against leakage in water distribution networks. The diaphragm-free design and exceptional low headloss performance allows operators to effectively and economically reduce leakage in previously unmanagable areas of their networks. Integration with the SCADA or the Oxford Flow Intelligent Valve Platform allows real-time monitoring and control of network pressure to prevent leaks before they occur.

Environmental Innovation


Fuels of the Future

With gas heating and industrial processes currently accounting for 37% of all UK CO2 emissions, it has never been more important to transition away from traditional fossil fuels. According to the National Grid, a move to hydrogen is key to reducing pollution, and a blend of just 20% could save 6m tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. However, hyrdogen poses operational issues to much of the existing infrastructure, preventing the full rollout of new fuels. Oxford Flow has designed the IM in hydrogen compatible stainless steel allowing operators to deploy new low emission technologies safely and effectively across their networks.

Waste Less Water

The world is facing an unprecedented water crisis. 46bn liters of drinking water are currently lost each day through leakage and 40% of the global population is affected by water scarcity. With global demand set to increase by 50% in 2050 it is critical that we manage leakage to prevent water loss. Pressure managemnt is the single most effective way to reduce leakage but operators are currently limited to where they can deploy valves due to outdated technology. The IP series is compact enough to be installed in the most challenging locations and in areas where flow rates are too low for traditional valves. Combined with our cutting edge Intelligent System, leakage can be prevented proactively across an entire network.

Managing Methane

Fugitive emissions – the unintended release of harmful gasses into the atmosphere – are estimated to total 3.6 trillion cubic feet of methane per year. Of this, 51% of emissions can be contributed to valves. Methane is 28x more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas and represents a product loss of $30bn annually. Outdated valve design and frequent maintenance are exacerbating this issue and Oxford Flow has the solution. The revolutionary ES Series design doesn‘t just reduce emissions, it eliminates them. The unique stem-free innovation from Oxford Flow can help operators make huge reductions to their environmental footprint.