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Smart water networks

Oxford Flow’s smart pressure reducing valves are helping to digitalise water distribution networks. Our smart network solutions can help utilities remotely track and understand data including pressure, flow rate and water quality, to optimise and control network performance via a SCADA or cloud-based system.



Intelligent Water Valve

The Intelligent Water Valve offers all the benefits of the IP with integrated sensor technology for fully autonomous, intelligent pressure and flow control.


A stand-alone power generator for gas networks with no moving parts

Water Turbine

A stand-alone power generator for water networks based on Proven Vertical Turbine Technology


Case studies

Oxford Flow lightens the load for Veolia

A long-sought-after lightweight, precision controlled solution that increases efficiency without compromising on quality. How Oxford Flow delivered a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to heavy and expensive traditional systems.

Case studies

Helping calm Northumbrian waters

Oxford Flow had to provide a valve that managed water pressure effectively during peak and low periods to help manage leakage and provide a reliable service.