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Water utilities

Oxford Flow’s polymer, stainless steel and epoxy coated carbon steel pressure control valves offer superior performance for water transmission and distribution networks. The smaller and lighter valves offer water utilities enhanced reliability and performance with the option for smart data acquisition and remote control.



IP valve

The rugged lightweight design of Oxford Flow’s IP Series PRV offers easy adjustment of set pressure along with an innovative speed of response control, making set up and delivery of carefully controlled pressure and flow exactly to customer specifications a much quicker and efficient process.

IP-W valve

The IP-W Series pressure regulator range offers excellent pressure control for liquid distribution and transmission applications.

IP-X valve

The Oxford Flow IP-X Series is a unique, patented range of pilot-controlled axial flow pressure regulators developed specifically for water applications in a range of configurations, including pressure reducing, sustaining, sustaining/relief and tank level control.

IP-K valve

Complete with integrated handles, feet and quick-fit connections the Oxford Flow range of IP-K pressure reducing valves (PRVs) are ideal for mobile hydrant service.


Case studies

Oxford Flow lightens the load for Veolia

A long-sought-after lightweight, precision controlled solution that increases efficiency without compromising on quality. How Oxford Flow delivered a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to heavy and expensive traditional systems.

Case studies

Helping calm Northumbrian waters

Oxford Flow had to provide a valve that managed water pressure effectively during peak and low periods to help manage leakage and provide a reliable service.