Oxford Flow is a valve manufacturer that specialises in precision valves and regulators underpinned by a unique piston design that originated from Oxford University over 10 years ago. We manufacture best in class valve technology that is at the forefront of zero emissions and low maintenance servicability.

Delivery of the world’s Oil & Gas, Hydrogen, and Water relies on pipes, pumps & valves. Valves are the weakest link in the delivery infrastructure.

Traditional valves leak because they have a number of moving parts, including a mechanical drive train, stem & seal, and diaphragm, all of which deteriorate, leak and malfunction requiring regular and costly maintenance.

Conventional valves are often complex and expensive to repair and maintain because of their location, size and weight.

Oxford Flow technology eliminates the stem & seal, external drivetrain, and diaphragm – replacing these with a unique piston design, that has only one moving part and fewer machined parts in total.

The result?

Zero emissions, lower maintenance & enhanced performance – certified & installed globally for the Oil & Gas, Utility Gas and Water sectors, among others.

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