Utility Gas

Global Industry still relies heavily on energy produced from natural gas. Constant and reliable gas flow is required to ensure productivity continues without interruption.

Installed across gas networks worldwide

The Oxford Flow range of pilot-operated gas regulators & axial valves can be installed across gas networks worldwide to control pressure in a variety of gas applications. Offering extremely accurate levels of pressure control, these products provide superior reliability compared to traditional technology and ensure gas flow is constant, reliable and safely delivered.

Superior performance and reliability

Compressor stations are key hubs in the natural gas transmission system that manage pressure and flow of gas from processing plants to the distribution network. Oxford Flow’s range of gas regulators are installed in these stations worldwide, providing superior performance and reliability to gas network operators.

Case Study

5 Years of Maintenance-Free Success

Oxford Flow Gas Regulators

Gas liquification

We supply solutions that enable the transfer of LPG from a liquid state back to gas for subsequent injection into the local gas network. Oxford Flow’s range of IP-W regulators is installed across LPG skids providing world class back pressure control to ensure this transfer is completed safely every time.

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The IM-S gas regulator is the wafer variant in the Oxford Flow IM series.
The ES stemless valves offer world class performance, reliability and emissions control for a wide range of severe service applications in oil and gas, petrochemical and process industries.
Oxford Flow’s IM-C gas regulator is the top-entry gas regulator variant in the Oxford Flow IM series.
High performance, small footprint noise reduction system, for natural gas pipelines. The Oxford Flow in-line silencer is a compact, high performance noise reduction system for natural gas pipelines.