The Hydrogen market sector is evolving and the gas is often hailed as the ‘fuel of the future’, offering industries a pathway to decarbonisation.

Achieve net-zero

As a clean fuel, Hydrogen usage contributes to reducing greenhouse gases, minimising carbon footprints. It also enables businesses to achieve net-zero and sustainability targets.

Hydrogen-ready valves

Oxford Flow takes the lead in producing world-leading Hydrogen-ready technology for next-generation gas businesses and organisations preparing for the energy transition. Oxford Flow valves are Hydrogen-ready, tested to ISO 15848 (AH CO3)​ and are being installed in H2 projects globally.

Case Study

Hydrogen Ready H2 Projects

Oxford Flow technology is ideally placed for the introduction of up to 100% Hydrogen applications, including transmission & distribution.

Oxford Flow hydrogen ready products

Committed to sustainability, Oxford Flow offers world-leading products for emissions control. The valve eliminates emissions by design and recommended for transitioning energy systems, including hydrogen. Our IM-S gas regulator is also suitable for hydrogen applications. It has undergone independent testing and is verified for use with up to 100% hydrogen and hydrogen blends. As the UK’s largest gas networks explore hydrogen testing opportunities, Oxford Flow solutions are providing a reliable verification for gas network infrastructure. 

In the evolving landscape of hydrogen applications, Oxford Flow’s commitment to innovation positions us as a key player. Our Hydrogen ready technology is driving sustainability and efficiency in the journey towards a hydrogen-powered future.

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The IM-S gas regulator is the wafer variant in the Oxford Flow IM series.
The ES stemless valves offer world class performance, reliability and emissions control for a wide range of severe service applications in oil and gas, petrochemical and process industries.