Oxford Flow partners with nZero Group to deliver zero-carbon fuels for domestic heating

Oxford Flow, the flow control equipment specialist, will provide its IM-S gas regulators as part of a partnership with Thyson Technology, an nZero Group company, on SGN’s H100 Fife.

Oxford Flow, the flow control equipment specialist, will provide its IM-S gas regulators as part of a partnership with Thyson Technology, an nZero Group company, on SGN’s H100 Fife Future of Gas project, in Scotland.

H100 Fife is a first of its kind project to employ a direct supply of clean power to produce hydrogen in Buckhaven and Denbeath that will bring renewable hydrogen into homes, providing zero-carbon fuel for domestic heating. In the project’s first phase, the network is expected to heat hundreds of local homes using clean gas produced by a dedicated electrolysis plant, powered by a nearby offshore wind turbine.  

Oxford Flow will supply IM-S gas regulators equipped with PRX2L pilots and PB1 balancers to nZero Group, which will make up part of its twin stream active-monitor station. IM-S offers an increased flow capacity and has been designed and verified for use with up to 100% hydrogen, comfortably exceeding the UK government’s target for Britain’s gas networks to be ready to deliver a 20% hydrogen blend. Furthermore, Oxford Flow has engineered the regulator to eliminate the diaphragm, the most common failure and wear point in conventional gas regulators, contributing to a minimum service interval maintenance interval of up to ten years and eliminating the risk of leaks.

Faris Churcher, Business Lead – Gas & Energy Transition at Oxford Flow, commented:

“Our partnership with nZero Group is another step in an exciting direction toward our ongoing support of the energy transition of our gas networks here in the UK. We’re thrilled to be supporting another hydrogen to grid project, and it’s positive to see gas networks and suppliers getting behind innovative technology as we transition from natural gas to hydrogen. IM-S has been engineered for use with both, and it makes sense that as we look at how we blend hydrogen into our networks, we work together to utilise technology that is guaranteed to support that shift for the long term.” The nZero Group, through its ownership of Thyson Technology and Orbital Gas Systems, two UK leading measurement and control partners across the natural gas, low carbon hydrogen, CCUS, petrochemical, and waste to energy sectors, aims to help the country achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions whilst growing the talent base through its knowledge and track record. This partnership with Oxford Flow is just one example of how it solves complex strategic challenges for energy transporters, producers and industrial users, bringing together new and existing technology.

Matt Allen, Managing Director at nZero Group, added:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Oxford Flow to deliver the H100 Fife project. Oxford Flow’s commitment to engineering innovative solution and its drive to support the transition to net zero from its inception was clear to us – but the quality of its products and ongoing support stands it apart. It’s difficult to find solutions that have been 3rd party verified for use with up to 100% hydrogen, but Oxford Flow has put in that work, and it has given us immense confidence that this is the right partnership.” In addition, Oxford Flow has also been awarded a contract directly from SGN to provide training for six to eight H100 technicians on the use and maintenance of its IM-S gas regulators.