Quality Policy

Oxford Flow Quality policy

Oxford Flow is a spin-out company from Oxford University which designs and develops innovative, value add engineered products and systems based around industrial applications of fluid flow.

We, the employees of Oxford Flow, are committed to consistently provide products and solutions that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We will actively pursue quality improvements through programs that enable us to do our jobs right the first time and every time.

In support of the above, Oxford Flow aims to maintain a quality management system that complies with the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 80079-34:2018. We also commit to monitor the effectiveness of our quality system and to act with integrity to continually improve our operations and to meet the requirements of our customers, as well as our legal and regulatory and any other applicable requirements.

We will also monitor and continue to develop our quality system to ensure it remains effective. Only by providing an outstanding service and product quality will we achieve our aims of long-term success and sustained improvement.

The scope of our quality policy is “the design, manufacture and supply of innovative, engineered products and systems for industrial fluid flow applications.”

All personnel within the company are responsible for the quality of their work. Oxford Flow provides training and has established systems to assist all personnel to achieve the standards required.

While we endeavour to consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, we have to recognise that we don’t always achieve our own standards. If a customer notifies us of an issue or suggests areas for improvement, we embrace the opportunity and are committed to investigating the matter.

The policy, organisation and procedures necessary to achieve the requirements are described in our quality management system. Quality objectives of the company are agreed annually at Management Review Meetings and reviewed for effectiveness. At these meetings, we ensure that this policy and the quality objectives remain compatible with the strategic direction and the purpose and context of our organisation.

The Head of QHSE is responsible for monitoring the quality system and reports regularly to the Senior Management team on the system’s implementation, status and effectiveness.

– Neil Poxon (Oxford Flow CEO)