Oxford Flow has been at the forefront of technical development and innovation since its inception almost 10 years ago. The key to our constant innovation is our inability to back down from a challenge.
As forces at play on the global energy chessboard lay the groundwork to usher in a low-carbon and green energy future, the United Kingdom (UK) is among the ones that have come up with blueprints to spearhead the energy transition journey with emerging sources of supply such as hydrogen. Can this fuel of the future overcome the obstacles in its path to show it is the real deal in the fight against climate change?
Oxford Flow, the flow control equipment specialist, will provide its IM-S gas regulators as part of a partnership with Thyson Technology, an nZero Group company, on SGN’s H100 Fife.
Oxford Flow, the flow control equipment specialist, celebrates a successful end to 2023 which has seen the company double operational activity year-on-year, expand its global footprint and increase its headcount by around 10%.