Precise. Compact. Limitless possibilities. 

Precision flow control for exploring the limits of the possible. Deeper wells. Longer subsea tiebacks. The functioning of topside equipment has never been more critical. 
In a complex industry with so much at stake, the smallest details count. There is no room for error, only efficiency.

Lightweight, scalable and able to tackle anything.

Our Oil & Gas customers co-ordinate immense, interlinked activities, operating within the narrowest margins against the most intense forces of nature. Weight. Energy consumption. Labour costs. All must be minimised. That’s why we keep it compact. Our devices are lightweight and easy to install - invaluable for technicians battling against the elements and production managers up against tight budgets. In operations of this magnitude, production losses and downtime cut deep.
That’s why we keep it simple. Our elegant designs ensure increased reliability and peace of mind. Minimal maintenance and an extended lifetime for your critical assets. 

Safety is paramount. Our ISO certified products are developed in Oxford and manufactured to the most stringent specifications in the UK. We provide full training for all equipment – ensuring your operatives can seamlessly integrate our advanced flow control systems and maximise potential.
Oxford Flow’s solutions are designed to withstand the demands of Oil & Gas exploration and production. Our range provides accurate pressure management and control in processing lines, fuel lines and vapour spaces.

Find the right product to suit your needs.

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