Oxford Flow's no compromise Gas Pressure Regulators use unique technology developed at Oxford University to provide market-leading performance from an extremely compact maintenance-free control valve. No longer limited by traditional gas pressure regulator performance, system designers and operations teams can benefit from the use of Oxford Flow's range of pressure regulators.

To learn more about the benefits of Oxford Flow's products please follow the links to the IM and IHF Series shown above or click on the link below to find out about our range of associated equipment such as silencers.


IM Series Gas Regulator.


Product Name

IM Series

IHF Series


Natural Gas, corrosive and non-corrosive gases

Natural Gas and non-corrosive gases


DN50 to DN150

DN100 to DN300

Ratings & Connections

up to 100 bar g
PN or ANSI flanges

up to 100 bar g
PN or ANSI flanges


Stainless Steel 316

Stainless Steel 316


IM Pilot

IHF Pilot

Valve Type

Axial flow pressure reducing valve

Insert axial flow pressure reducing valve


Oxford Flow’s IM Series are a patented range of pilot-operated wafer-type gas governors

Oxford Flow’s IHF Series are a patented range of pilot-operated insert-type regulators

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IM Series

IHF Series

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