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Who we are

Reimagining valve technology

In an industry that has been more focused on incremental improvements than true innovation, we are reimagining valves for the energy, water, and industrial sectors. Our axial flow valves offer superior performance and higher reliability.

Who we are

Disrupting the industry

The Oxford Flow family of axial valves and regulators are game-changing. By eliminating the mechanical drive train, we have eliminated emissions, reduced cost, and improved performance.

Who we are

Pioneering innovation

We have pioneered the world’s first 100% polymer valve body for water pressure regulation. Our polymer water pressure regulator offers significantly reduced size and weight, and lower total cost of ownership while improving performance.


Primary components — and a single moving part.

Simple design

With no diaphragm, stem, seal or external mechanical actuator, our flow valves and regulators eliminate the most common points of failure, leakage and emissions. This significantly reduces costs and maintenance as well as valve size and weight.

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