valve technology


We engineer and manufacture the world’s most revolutionary valves and regulators.

Leveraging our world-class precision engineering and fluid dynamics capabilities along with decades of experience in valve design and manufacturing, Oxford Flow is at the forefront of zero emissions and low maintenance valve technology. 

World class performance

Exceptional reliability

Zero Emissions

Our Products

Our portfolio is rapidly evolving to meet market demand.

We offer a wide range of flow control valves, pressure regulators, and pilot valves tailored to various industrial applications. Leveraging unique innovations developed from cutting edge R&D, our products eliminate the most common points of valve failure, leakage and emissions. This significantly reduces costs and maintenance as well as size and weight – delivering value to our customers on every application.


Oxford Flow axial valves and regulators are game-changing. Our patented designs surpass traditional valve technologies – providing better performance, reduced costs and less environmental impact. With no mechanical drive train our actuated valve design has eliminated fugitive emissions completely. 

Reduced costs

Lower maintenance

Enhanced performance

Zero emissions




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